The Traffic Screensaver

The Traffic Screensaver's Timetable File
How to write a timetable file for the Traffic Screensaver ? ("Cookbook")
The vehicle set - introduction
The vehicle set - the Stock List - in browsable form
Background pictures
Links - programs and picture collections

The idea of the Traffic Screensaver is simple - little vehicle pictures are moving on the screen. The Traffic Screensaver is "programmable" - a configuration file, the "timetable file" defines the trains, the movements, the animations. You can build trains from induvidual coaches, waggons and locomotives, determine the movements (simple run through, stop, stop and backwards, change loco, add coaches etc.), use animations (pantograph up and down, open and close doors etc.). The syntax allows random selections, repetitions of train parts. You can put pictures over other pictures (to change logos, to put load on freight waggons), to change the color of the pictures, to mirror pictures (but let some parts - texts - unmirrored) "on the fly" - so achieve greater variation from the same picture set. It makes use of transparent pictures, you can create background and foreground images using single pictures or combining many pictures together.

The program is not limited only to show the moving vehicles as a screensaver, it is more. It has functions for:

The screensaver is able to use to following picture formats:

The help files contained in the delivery (in english and german) are covering several old functions of the program (the description of the most of the newest possibilities is missing at the moment). It is easy to use the example timetable file, to browse the picture set, even to extend it with new pictures, or to edit the technical data associated with the pictures - because the menus are available in english or german too. The part of the Reference Handbook about the syntax and semantics of the timetable file and the picture modifiers is ready, you have a detailed description about the things you cannot guess otherwise. It is a complete description - not a coursebook! A separate paper, the "Cookbook" covers the most important commands and parameters, beginning at the simplest toward to most complex, giving you some examples how to use the most important possibilities of the timetable files.

The Traffic Screensaver exists in two different versions. The "Full" version has several commands for organizing your collected and your own vehicle pictures, to create new picture libraries. The "Small" version consumes less space on you disc drive, the menus have less entries - if you want to enjoy existing collections, this version is better for you. Both versions have the major functions, you are able to extend you pictures, edit your timetable file with the Small version too.

You can browse the picture set without downloading the program: Vehicle List

You can download single pictures from the above vehicle list - the pictures are in GIF format, packed together in a ZIP file. (If you want to use them with the MM&MM screensaver, you can download them in .BMP format too - with no animation). You cannot download single pictures from the .dll and .scr files - but the freeware and demo versions of the MM&MM screensaver are available here too. You can buy the MM&MM V3 full version from the authors: Eisenbahn Software von Martin Meyer , and the pictures of the Nimo Extension Kit from Nikolaus Mohr.

The actual version of the Traffic Screensaver is 4.9 - it is still in beta state. Some new functions are under development.

Some new possibilities of the version 3.2:

New possibilities of the vesion 4.0:

New possibilities of the version 4.2:

New possibilities/changes in the version 4.3:

New possitility of the version 4.5:
New possibilities of the version 4.7:
New possibilities of the version 4.8:
New possibilities of the version 4.9 - still in beta state:

The Full version is capable of creating the TVL picture libraries.

Special thanks for

The install kits are created by Jordan Russell's InnoSetup program.

The timetable editor is based on the CodeMax component by Barry Allyn.

The tree-format timetable editor (under development) and several other dialog windows use the unicode controls of Timo Kunze ( ).

Many background pictures are from the BackDrop Warehouse homepage: - already from the times, when the small preview pictures were not copyrighted.



The help file in english. (This file is contained in the install sets also). (1,MB)
Die Hilfedatei in Deutsch. (Diese Datei ist in dem Install-Paketen auch enthalten.) (202kB)
The "Reference Handbook" of a previous version of the screensaver in hungarian language.

You can read it with your browser, without to download the whole archive: A Traffic kpernyõkmlõ hasznlata (372kB)
The "Cookbook" - How to write a Timetable File for the Traffic Screensaver - english text showing examples from the simplest to more sophisticated expressions, presenting the important commands, parameters and giving some tips for using them. The cookbook is available directly too: How to write a Timetable file for the Traffic Screensaver? (60kB)
The "Traffic Timetable File" is the Reference Handbook's most important chapter in english. It is available directly too: The Traffic Timetable File
traffic_all.exe (195,4MB)
An install set containing the program itself and all the free available pictures. If you update to a newer version, or have already several files (for example, the MM&MM demo and shareware screensavers), you can try to select from the following files. It is possible too not to download the whole picture set (more, than 35000 vehicles). (1,4MB)
The screensaver program itself (.scr, .exe., .dll) - Full version. If you update to a higher version, usually it is enough to change this files. (1,2MB)
The screensaver program itself (.scr, .exe., .dll) - Small version. If you update to a higher version, usually it is enough to change this files. (3,1MB)
System files needed (Visual Basic 6.0 environement)
traffic_full_prgonly.exe (4,7MB)
A simple install kit installing only the screensaver program (full version). It contains all the system files needed, the program itself is runnable, if you install this - but it contains neither pictures nore timetable files.
traffic_small_prgonly.exe (4,5MB)
A simple install kit installing only the screensaver program (small version). It contains all the system files needed, the program itself if runnable, if you install this - but it contains neither pictures nore timetable files. (190,4MB)
All the free pictures, the "Stock List" definition file and an example Timetable file. The MM&MM freeware and demo screensavers are not included.

Special versions

They are complete, ready-to-run screensavers, you do not need to set up parameters, to write a timetable file. The program in these install sets is the "Fix" version of Traffic: you can view the Stock List, but you cannot change it; and you can let it to run in a window and on the full screen.

kvb_inst.exe (3,MB)
Screensaver for the 125. anniversary of the Cologne Transport Authority (cooperation with Pierre Ofzareck)
nohab_inst.exe (4,7MB)
A screensaver for the fans of the NoHAB diesel engines (cooperation with Zoltn Ivn)
sncf_inst.exe (3,8MB)
French State Railways screensaver (cooperation with Marc Le Gad)
Pictures - in smaller units (2,MB)
The "Stock List" definition file, an example Timetable file, and the pictures not included in any of the following libraries (if any).

If you want to get the newest pictures - and you have a previous version of the picture set - you should download this file, and the individual TVL files you do not have yet. You can create the subset of the stock list you are having by one of the menu commands "File -> Regenerate Stock List -> ... in your Traffic Screensaver's configuration window - if you have not extended your stock list with your own pictures (1,4MB)
Hungarian railways (6,5MB)
German railways - locomotives (4,6MB)
German railways - passenger coaches, newer drawings (1,7MB)
German railways - passenger coaches, older drawings (2,1MB)
German private railways (5,9MB)
Swiss railways (2,MB)
Austrian railways (3,3MB)
British railways and Ireland (3,1MB)
French railways (4,4MB)
Belgium, Luxemburg and Netherlands (1,7MB)
North European countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden (3,1MB)
Portugal, Spain, Italy (3,2MB)
Czech and Slowak railways (2,MB)
Railways of the former Sovietunion (8,7MB)
USA and Canada (1,7MB)
Other european countries - railway companies (3,5MB)
Japan railway companies (1,8MB)
All other countries - railway companies (5,7MB)
Freight wagons, loads (1,8MB)
Railway maintenance (5,4MB)
City traffic - trams, busses (2,4MB)
Street: busses, lorries, trucks, cars (688kB)
Aeroplanes, ships, (phantasy) space vehicles (1,8MB)
Phantasy pictures, toys (7,MB)
Background pictures and other images (for example: ABC-s)

New and updated pictures in picture libraries: (72kB)
Background picture added in 2006 (4,MB)
Pictures added in July 2006 (3,7MB)
Pictures added in August 2006 (3,9MB) (3,6MB) (3,9MB) (5,6MB) (1,2MB)

Pictures added in October 2006 (2,8MB)
Pictures added in November 2006 (975kB)
Pictures added in Januar 2007 (8,3MB) (8,7MB) (9,8MB) (6,7MB) (1,7MB)

Pictures added between Februar 2007 and April 2008, railways from
Switzerland, Austria, Great Brittain, France,
other countries,
freight wagons, trams, busses, lorries,
background elements, ships, aeroplanes (6,3MB)
TrainGif (26 pixel) drawings (209kB)
Train Side View 30 dot drawings (234kB)
Train Banner (32 pixel) drawings (1,5MB)
Mission Railroad specification (39 pixel) drawings (738kB)
Railway32 narrow gauge scale, and the drawings of Francois Grinnaert (1,5MB)
NSME screensaver pictures (695kB)
Double size pictures (2,4MB)
Triple size pictures (only from Japan) (16kB)
Other, scales

Demo and freeware screensavers are from Martin Meyer and Manfred Meyer.

The Traffic screensaver is able to use their pictures too: (112kB)
1.03 demo version (218kB)
2.00 demo version (108kB)
Alcatel (341kB)
Karlsruhe city traffic (139kB)
150 year anniversary of the swiss railways (307kB)
Siemens vehicles (107kB)
Stuttgart city traffic (194kB)
German Railways (80kB)
German Railways - long distance and international connections
The Traffic screensaver can use the pictures of the following programs too. As these programs are not freeware or demo ones - you need to buy them - you find here the author's homepages:
The 3. version of the Meyer's screensaver. You can download the program, which runs in demo mode. If you register, you get access to the whole vehicle set. In the Traffic screensaver you can use the pictures only if you have a registered version - the demo picture set is not available.

The amount of the free pictures is growing in each week - only a small part of the MM V3 pictures is not available in a free version.

Hans-Martin Hebsaker's program moves the vehicles before background pictures - the vehicles are transparent ones. You can combine the vehicles to whole trains together. All the BahnLand pictures are transparent.
The "Nimo Extension Kit" is a picture collection of good quality vehicle pictures.

Please send error reports, questions, ideas - and eventuell new pictures, technical data of existing pictures to godeny <at> gmx <dot> net.