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This database contains addresses from Hungarian universities. It is mostly the addresses of the employees and students of the Technical University of Budapest, but it has information from some other universities. The search is case insensitive and you should not use Hungarian accents (á, ö etc.) You can write partial names and the order of words is unimportant. Example: hamer kova will match Kovács Tihamér. Note: Hungarian names are in family name given name order. Very common Hungarian family names: Kovács, Szabó, Tóth, Horváth, Kiss, Nagy, Varga. You will receive a maximum of 20 e-mail addresses.

If you don't find your address in the database, you can add it.

NEW:An experimental e-mail interface is available at Send the message find name to find name, or send help for more information. You will get an automatic response. If you need human assistance, write to this address.

If you find this service useful and your server is not supported, then please ask your system administrator to join us.


Number of e-mail addresses in database: 22397
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